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The Supremes Released!!

Today’s the day. I’m excited to announce the release of The Supremes on Night Orchard Recordings.

The Supremes (released 2011/12/06)

01 __ Don’t Let the Sun Catch You in Bed (Clarence Thomas)
02 __ The Hapless Toad (John Roberts)
03 __ To Cecelia (Ruth Bader Ginsburg)
04 __ Blister King (Stephen Breyer)
05 __ Margaret and Elena (Elena Kagan)
06 __ Slurry Lake (Anthony Kennedy)
07 __ Thank Harriet (Samuel Alito)
08 __ No No I’m Sorry You Can’t (Antonin Scalia)
09 __ Sonia (Sonia Sotomayor)
10 __

CD and digital download available here.
(I’ll check back in as it becomes available on other sites and stores around our great internet.)

Check out the blog I kept up while I wrote and recorded the songs here.
(includes lyrics and a bit of background on each of the songs)

Give it a listen. Pass it on…


The Supremes

Another year, another RPM Challenge completed.  Meet The Supremes: a collection of songs inspired by the 9 justices on the Roberts court.  At points, it didn’t seem like it would get finished but, somehow, it always does. Songs range from To Cecelia, a thank you from Ruth Bader Ginsberg to her deceased mother, to Slurry Lake, the result of an unfortunate majority opinion on pollution written by Anthony Kennedy.

The Roberts Court

The Roberts Court

I’ll be working on final mixes and then send it off to get mastered and pressed.  I hope to have some copies in my hands within the next couple months.

RPM Challenge 2011

The RPM Challenge 2011

I’ve decided to take part in the RPM Challenge again this year.  The challenge is to write and record an album of 10 songs or 35 minutes during the month of February.  This year I’ve decided – unless of course I back down – to make a concept record of songs inspired by the sitting supreme court justices.  A little daunting as I think of it but should prove to be interesting.  I had intended on doing a bit of preliminary research this month to set myself up for some relatively informed songwriting but I’ve been too busy and will have to do my research in the moment.  Check back for updates.

That 70’s Drum Sound…

Recording some drums for my solo record.

Pictures taken during a session at Nate’s for a couple track that need that dry, low, choked sound.  We took the resonant heads off and tuned things way down and had to play around with tape, cloth, and wallets to get to a sound we liked.  At this point we’ve finished most the tracking on several songs.

New Record Underway

I’ve started laying down tracks for my first solo release at the studio of my good friend and engineer Nate Dort who will also be co-producing with me.  I’m aiming for something like 10 songs that clocks in under 40 minutes.  We’ve picked most of the songs that will be on the record and they come from different times in my life ranging from tunes from my time in Boston to some of the material that came out of Feat 52 last year.  While Nate and I will likely be laying down most of the tracks ourselves, expect to see several guest appearances by some of my Nashville contemporaries.

Stay tuned!