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New Record Released: Feat 52 Redux

Posted on: December 11th, 2012 by josh

jacket_front_newI’m excited to announce the release of my new record Feat 52 Redux on Night Orchard Recordings. The record is a 10-song remix compilation of tracks from the 2009 song-a-week project Feat 52. In thanks and the holiday spirit, I’m offering the digital download for free (or more, you name your price). The important thing is that the music is shared and enjoyed. Please help spread the word.


More release details (album art, lyrics, credits) here.



A limited edition CD is being pressed at the moment and will be available to ship on or around 12/20.  Order one now and get the download immediately.


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MP3 Player Added, Feat 52 Playlists, EP…

Posted on: January 20th, 2010 by josh

I’ve added an mp3 player to the side bar on the right with playlists for each quarter of last year’s song-a-week project, Feat 52. give them a listen. feedback on last year’s project is appreciated. i’m considering remixing several of the best songs from Feat 52 for an EP to be released later this summer. add a comment to this post and cast your vote.
also, check back often as i plan on adding more playlists/mp3s to it in the near future.

Magnolia Spring

Posted on: December 28th, 2009 by josh

Feat 52: Week #52!!
well, shoot… never thought i’d really be saying this but… this song wraps up Feat 52, the year-long song-a-week project (during which i bend the common conceptions “week” and “song”). it’s been a great experience and a royal pain in the ass. doubt i’ll do it again. check back next week when i’ll be posting an mp3 player with all 52 songs on it for easy playing, sampling, etc…
one of my few concessions to the south… the spring is damn beautiful down here.