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New Record Released: Feat 52 Redux

jacket_front_newI’m excited to announce the release of my new record Feat 52 Redux on Night Orchard Recordings. The record is a 10-song remix compilation of tracks from the 2009 song-a-week project Feat 52. In thanks and the holiday spirit, I’m offering the digital download for free (or more, you name your price). The important thing is that the music is shared and enjoyed. Please help spread the word.


More release details (album art, lyrics, credits) here.



A limited edition CD is being pressed at the moment and will be available to ship on or around 12/20.  Order one now and get the download immediately.


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Prattle On, Rick. – Songs of Our Fathers

Prattle On, Rick. - Songs of Our Fathers

Last month my friend and fellow Nashville artist Prattle On, Rick released another beautiful EP Songs of Our Fathers. Wrapped in the same vocal and instrumental sense of harmony, melody, and rhythm that has captured the attention of all who can slow down from the daily hustle and listen, the EP is an entrancing homage to the values and stories of our elders. If you have a moment, I encourage you to stop by and check it out.

Greybarrel – Manifest Destiny EP Released

greybarrel, my brother’s band in San Francisco, is releasing their debut EP today. Download it here for whatever price suits you. I recorded, co-produced, and played drums and bass on the EP. And did I mention that my brother sings his ass off?

The Supremes Released!!

Today’s the day. I’m excited to announce the release of The Supremes on Night Orchard Recordings.

The Supremes (released 2011/12/06)

01 __ Don’t Let the Sun Catch You in Bed (Clarence Thomas)
02 __ The Hapless Toad (John Roberts)
03 __ To Cecelia (Ruth Bader Ginsburg)
04 __ Blister King (Stephen Breyer)
05 __ Margaret and Elena (Elena Kagan)
06 __ Slurry Lake (Anthony Kennedy)
07 __ Thank Harriet (Samuel Alito)
08 __ No No I’m Sorry You Can’t (Antonin Scalia)
09 __ Sonia (Sonia Sotomayor)
10 __

CD and digital download available here.
(I’ll check back in as it becomes available on other sites and stores around our great internet.)

Check out the blog I kept up while I wrote and recorded the songs here.
(includes lyrics and a bit of background on each of the songs)

Give it a listen. Pass it on…