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Make a Record in the Month of February

The Supremes

Another year, another RPM Challenge completed.  Meet The Supremes: a collection of songs inspired by the 9 justices on the Roberts court.  At points, it didn’t seem like it would get finished but, somehow, it always does. Songs range from To Cecelia, a thank you from Ruth Bader Ginsberg to her deceased mother, to Slurry Lake, the result of an unfortunate majority opinion on pollution written by Anthony Kennedy.

The Roberts Court

The Roberts Court

I’ll be working on final mixes and then send it off to get mastered and pressed.  I hope to have some copies in my hands within the next couple months.

RPM Challenge 2011

The RPM Challenge 2011

I’ve decided to take part in the RPM Challenge again this year.  The challenge is to write and record an album of 10 songs or 35 minutes during the month of February.  This year I’ve decided – unless of course I back down – to make a concept record of songs inspired by the sitting supreme court justices.  A little daunting as I think of it but should prove to be interesting.  I had intended on doing a bit of preliminary research this month to set myself up for some relatively informed songwriting but I’ve been too busy and will have to do my research in the moment.  Check back for updates.

Line By Line (Redux)

In preparation for next month’s RPM Challenge 2010, Nate Dort and I got together at his studio and re-recorded this track from last year’s Feat 52. (Nate Dort on bass, keys, faders.) Having worked some of the kinks out, we’ll be ready to hit the ground running next monday. Stay tuned for more info on and links to our project.



About 2 months ago i signed up to take part in The RPM Challenge.  I’ve finally gotten around to uploading the tracks for the resulting record Outros to my rpm challenge profile.  Per the rules of the challenge, the entire record was written and recorded in february.  It started out far too leisurely and ended in a crash-and-burn fashion, the likes of which i haven’t experienced since finals in college.  Needless to say, while i’m proud of what some of the tracks became, others are just… interesting. 
check it out.  let me know what you think.

know the feeling

Feat 52: Week #8

no, i am not a threat to myself. i think this is normal… curiosities about things that are out of bounds… part of the human experience/condition i reckon.  a darker part but a part nonetheless.

another tune included in the RPM Challenge record Outros.  rapidly approaching… shit…